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Ephedra Herb for Sale

All of the products listed for sale are legal and not part of the ban on ephedra. The ban consisted of specific alkaloid that these ephedra diet pills do not contain. The key difference is the herbal form of ephedra known as ephedra extract or ephedra leaves. 

Ephedra and Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most combined energy stimulating compounds added to ephedra based fat burners. A study in 2002 investigated the safey and efficacy of herbal Ma Huang and caffine for weight loss. A total of 167 participants consumed 90mg of ephedra and 192mg of caffeine per day. Over the 6 months of the trial the ephedra caffeine group achieved scientifically greater weight loss and fat loss over the placebo group. (3)

History of Ephedra

There are 50 different species of plants known as ephedra. Ephedra is also known as a Chinese botanical, ma huang. It is also called Mormon Tea and Brigham Tea. Ephedra is a shrub like evergreen plant that contains several active alkaloid compounds, including ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine, or norephedrine. Plants of the Ephedra genus, including Ephedra Sinica, Ephedra Cutleri, and Ephedra Fasciculata just to name a few, have traditionally been used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including treatment of asthma, hay fever, the common cold, low energy levels, appetite control, and weight loss. (1)

Ephedra vs Ephedrine

Both ephedra and ephedrine have similar effects, as central nervous system stimulants. Both stimulate cardiac muscle, which increases heart rate and raises blood pressure. They relax smooth muscle, which opens bronchial tubes. Ephedrine is still available but can only be sold by businesses licensed by the DEA to sell ephedrine. Buy Ephedrine HCL Online is licensed to sell ephedrine. Ephedrine is synthetic, manufactured in the laboratory and is sold and regulated as a drug, not as a dietary supplement. Where ephedra is herbal and is sold as an effective weight loss product. (2)

Why was ephedra discontinued?

Ephedra has not been discontinued. Many people confuse the ban on ephedra alkaloids in nutritional supplements with being discontinued. Many ephedra diet pills over the years have been discontinued for one reason or another. The products sold at Buy Ephedrine are legal for purchase. Often as new research comes to light the formula's of some of the best ephedra diet pills changes to make them better. Our goal at Buy Ephedrine is to offer the hottest ephedra for weight loss products on the market today.

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