Dymetadrine 25 Original Pure Real Ephedrine On Sale 2013


Dymetadrine 25 Original Pure Real Ephedrine On Sale 2013
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Dymetadrine 25

If you have been around the bodybuilding and fitness game as long as I have you have heard or used Dymetadrine 25. This is the one that started it all. I can remember telling my friend the pharmacist about and he told me they sold the exact same product at the pharmacy. He said it was a Beta 2 Agonist which is used to improve breathing.

This was a popular supplements that was taken off the market – but still has quite the following in bodybuilding. There are several supplement websites located all over the world that claim to sell Dymetadrine 25, but I have not found any to be real except for this one. Live Lean Today has Dymetadrine 25 except it is no longer called Dymetadrine 25 it is now sold as Ephed Ephedrine. It is the exact same thing, pure ephedrine.  I do not doubt that some company out there is selling a knock-off of Dymetadrine 25, but that knock-off will not contain real pure 100% ephedrine, the ingredient found in the original Dymetadrine 25 formula that dieters loved so much.


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There is only 1 ingredient in the original Dymetadrine 25 formula. Which is the well-known fat burner ephedrine. Ephedrine is one of the only fat burning ingredients that worked for nearly every dieter, but that efficacy came at a cost for some dieters. Ephedra is addictive and it can be used to make street drugs. The FDA and other government agencies starting looking into ephedra when there were reports of negative side effects associated with the ingredient. Eventually, ephedra was pulled from the diet supplement market and placed behind the counter where pharmacies could regulate sales. You can still purchase ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, but you need to have a valid ID and you can only purchase a set amount per month.

Chances are any knock-offs of Dymetadrine 25 will contain synephrine in place of the ephedrine. The knock-off will not work like the original. No longer available for purchase in the United States.Some knock-offs may claim to be just as effective without proof. Dymetadrine 25 is no longer available in the US, but Ephed Pure Real Ephedrine is available and only at Live Lean Today.com. LiveLeanToday.com is the only website registered with the DEA and legally allowed to sell ephedrine to the public. This product is legal for sale in the United States.

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